Dr. Ravi Zacharias
Speaker and Author
President, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

"Beneath the skeptic's clichés launched at the Bible lie some important questions.  Glenn Pearson understands them, as well as the many filters through which we view the Scripture - whether we realize it or not.  This a helpful, thorough resource for anyone confronting tough questions about Christianity and the Bible."

Josh D. McDowell
Speaker and Author

"Besides exposing the five mental filters non-believers use to rewrite the Bible to reinforce their prejudices, That's a Great Question also provides 18 principles that help the average Christian solve the riddle of apparent contradictions in the Gospels.  Very Practical!"


Darrell L. Bock, ThM, PhD
Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies
Dallas Theological Seminary

"Talking about the Bible's trustworthiness in today's culture is like walking through a minefield that is laid over a maze. . . . That's a Great Question is a mine sweeper of a book.  It sorts through the variety of challenges and serves to guide a person as to what is going on in the charges raised against Scripture and how to see that there is less dynamite in the mines than those laying grenades think.  A very worthwhile study from which one can learn much, while appreciating the Bible for the truth it contains."

Ken Boa, PhD, DPhil
Speaker and Author
President, Reflections Ministries

"That's a Great Question is a fresh and creative story-driven approach to fundamental worldview and apologetics issues.  It clearly and effectively portrays the cognitive filters that can distort revelatory truth claims and presents a variety of helpful principles that aid in appreciating and interpreting biblical texts."

Paul L. Maier, PhD, LittD, LLD
Russell H. Seibert Professor of Ancient History
Western Michigan University

Describes That's a Great Question as "a fresh breeze across the field of Christian apologetics . . .  .  I shall surely recommend this book to others" and calls it appropriate "as either text or supplemental reading for Apologetics courses at seminaries across the country."

Dr. James L. Garlow
Conference Speaker, Author and Lead Pastor
Skyline Church, San Diego

"Glenn Pearson's outstanding academic background makes him uniquely suited to write a book like That's a Great Question.  I think you will enjoy the way he applies his strong analytical skills and humorous insights to discussing how presuppositions influence our ideas about the Bible."


Buck Reese
President, Net Work Ministries

"At last, a readable and thoroughly entertaining apologetics book that helps the ordinary Christian explain his or her 'reason for the hope that is within them.'  In a manner unknown to many authors today, Glenn skillfully blends humor and intellect to produce a great work of apologetics.  This book will be a valuable resource in my ministry to men."