At a Freedom Church young professionals retreat

                   At a Freedom Church young professionals retreat

"If you want an engaging down-to-earth speaker who relates well and is real, this is the man for you!  Glenn's talk at Freedom Church went deep into coping with and moving forward from our sorrows in life.  The entire group related to his talk and connected with his experiences and knowledge.  Glenn was very generous, kind and professional.  Glenn is a great friend and mentor, and we recommend him highly!"

Brian Ham
Pastor of Freedom Church


"Not only does Glenn Pearson connect with his audience and communicate effectively, but he also draws out his audience with thoughtful questions and engagement.  The medical student he spoke to didn't want the time to come to a close!"

Bill Reichart
Christian Medical and Dental Association
Atlanta Area Director

                          With a fellow musician in Budapest, Hungary

                          With a fellow musician in Budapest, Hungary


"Glenn speaks with authority as one who draws from the resources of a life well-tested, examined and defined by significant biblical scholarship.  But he doesn't live in the clouds; he is with his audience - He is hip, he is witty, he listens well, he asks tough questions, and he then guides his audience through an insightful discovery process.  His candor, humor and transparency make the whole experience refreshing as well as rewarding."

Dutch Bickley
Professional Videographer



"It was a real WIN to have Glenn speak at our faculty luncheon."

Shane Hartley - Cru Faculty Commons - University of North Carolina Wilmington

"Glenn Pearson communicates in a refreshingly unpretentious way as he helps others think through the toughest issues of faith with intellectual integrity, faithful adherence to Scripture, and spot-on illustrations.  Glenn's thoughtful teaching is consistently clear, encouraging, practical, and insightful."

Joel Pieper

"With a twinkle in his eye, Pearson dunks you in the deep end, but his humor will drag you to safety."

Eleanor Herron
Lay Leader

"Glenn is a faithful servant to our faith family at Sanctuary.  He provides leadership and guidance in several of our adult discipleship groups and also serves faithfully with our hospitality and worship teams.  Glenn's God-given wisdom and experience has taken many of our folks much deeper into their walks with Jesus."

Brent Harrison
Sanctuary Adult Discipleship Pastor

"Glenn Pearson empowers each of us to better articulate how to offer a logical defense of our faith.  He led two sessions on Apologetics for our local Christian Leadership Concepts group, and the men greatly appreciated and embraced his passionate argument for how to be a strong advocate for Christianity."

Andy Tatnall
Elder, First Presbyterian Church of Marietta