Glenn brings a rich world of experience to his teaching and writing.  His insightful and practical teaching style was influenced by: 

His academic background

Glenn has always excelled academically.  He:

GP Speaking Photo 2014.jpg
  • Graduated as high school class valedictorian
  • Graduated magna cum laude and with honors from the Syracuse University Honors Program
  • Was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi international honor societies
  • Completed the coursework requirements for a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
  • Completed a Master of Health Administration degree from the Ohio State Univerisity where he earned the Faculty Award for Academic Excellence


His spiritual background

Glenn was brought up in the Unitarian faith, which stresses the one-ness of humanity and rejects the notion of a single path to God.  After coming into a life-changing relationship with Jesus in college, he spent nine years on the staff of Cru and has had thousands of conversations with students and others about their world views.  His academic orientation, his early life perspective on faith issues, and his deeply rooted biblical understanding of the deity of Christ and the need to receive his forgiveness have given him a unique ability to relate to people all along the spectrum of faith or doubt.


His practical life experience

Through stressful life circumstances, including his parents' divorce when he was in middle school, his brother's suicide, his daughter's near-death experience, and the normal bumps and bruises of life, Glenn has first-hand knowledge of life's difficulties.  Not one for "glib answers," he brings crucible-tested wisdom to this practical and approachable teaching.


His Professional Life

Professionally, Glenn:

  • Is a respected consultant helping connect health technology entrepreneurs/developers/vendors, healthcare providers and investors to help maximize the success of disruptive technologies into the hospital and physician sectors
  • Served for more than 19 years as Executive Vice President at Georgia Hospital Association where he provided leadership to the following areas
    • Finance (Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, etc.)
    • Data
    • Information Technology
    • Emerging Technology (mobile health, digital health, telemedicine, etc.)
    • Communications
    • Public Relations
    • Entrepreneurial Services
    • Vendor Relations
  • Is board certified in healthcare management and a fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives, the leading international organization for healthcare executives
  • Served as the American College of Healthcare Executives Regent for the state of Georgia, representing Georgia's 1,500 affiliates and members
  • Has chaired and/or served on the boards of numerous national, regional and local healthcare and community organizations, including the Association of Healthcare Enterprises, the Allied Association of Hospital Accountants, Georgia Health Information Network, the Technology Association of Georgia Health Society, and the Georgia Association of Healthcare Executives
  • Was the "go-to" Georgia Hospital Association speaker and panelist for various conferences, professional meetings, graduate and undergraduate university programs, and community organizations